Landlord Tenant Law

Landlord-tenant negotiations in New York can often be a difficult and confusing process, leaving both parties with a number of questions or issues that arise as a result. With the help of the RIGHT law firm, however, you are able to avoid a number of common issues and bypass much of the “red tape” associated with the state of New York.

No matter what side you might be on, our team of legal experts will represent you – providing the highest quality legal counsel available today. Our experience affords us the ability to handle disputes, and negotiations from a unique perspective, few firms can match. We specialize in handling:

  • Small Claims Lawsuits
  • Rent Control & Other Rental Rules
  • Tenant Rights & Protection
  • Terminations & Evictions
  • Security Deposits & Returns
  • Landlord Disclosures and More

For more information on Landlord-Tenant Law & More, contact Walsh & Gilad, PLLC today.